Armstrong Township High School is excited to announce our IDPH Spectator Policy for all IHSA and extra-curricular events under current IDPH guidelines. While we are not going to be able to accommodate all spectators, or even entire families, we will try to provide an opportunity for all student-athletes to have representation in the crowd at some point. The following guidelines will be in place and expected to be followed. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in an invitation to leave our facility.






  • Failure to follow IDPH guidelines will result in immediate removal

  • Due to IDPH guidelines the amount of spectators allowed may range from none to an extremely limited amount

  • Event tickets will be distributed by team coaches to players(players from the same household will not receive extra tickets)

  • Depending on roster size, 1-2 tickets will be distributed for use by each family; tickets are to be used by those in the same household.

  • There will be assigned seating 

  • No extra tickets will be available

  • There will be no visiting team spectators allowed

  • Spectators will not be allowed into a game without the proper ticket


  • Spectators should not expect entry until 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time, when the doors open for entry 


  • Spectators should expect to sign in as they enter the gym to verify you are symptom free

    • Temperatures will be taken

  • Depending on the game and the amount of spectators, the gym may be cleared immediately at the conclusion of the game.

    • Spectators for prelim game (JV) should exit the gym and return to their respective vehicles

    • No gathering in the gym, or outside

  • The bleachers/seating areas will be disinfected between games if we have a change in spectators/participants

  • The only entrance that will be used will be the doors that do have windows that are  next to the gym.

  • Entrance doors will remain locked, except for 15 minutes initial entry and will be checked periodically throughout the game by Host management.  Late arrivals are okay, but do not expect immediate entry

  • Upon entry, please proceed to the assigned seating areas  

    • Family members may sit together

  • No Concessions will be available

  • Restrooms are located in the main gym 


Live Streaming on NFHS Network

  • All games held in the Robert L. Bezely Gymnasium will be streamed on the NFHS Network Channel

  • A subscription may be purchased for viewing of all AP games and most of our opponents

  • Subscriptions may be purchased by the month ($10.99/month) or annually ($69.99/yr) 

    • Games are available On Demand and can be watched on a later date

  • Updated schedules will be available on our district website and district social media outlets


* Policy is subject to change due to IDPH, IHSA, or state guidelines.