Congratulations to all of the art students who placed at the VVC Art Show this weekend! There were 1,292 pieces of artwork shown from 10 schools. Armstrong had just over 200 pieces. Here are the following winners from ATHS:

Kaylee Blackford - 3rd in colored pencil

Alex Colunga - 1st and Honorable Mention for painting

Cami Saltsgaver - Honorable Mention for painting

Ali Morgan - Honorable Mention for painting

Brooklyn Morgan -  3rd for color ink, 2nd for scratchboard

Evan Schluter - Honorable Mention for color ink

Jonathan Deck - 3rd in color ink

Lily Jameson - Honorable Mention in color ink

Oliver Williams - 2nd in color ink, 2nd in scratchboard

Brody Howard - Honorable Mention for watercolor

Kalie Hardwick - 3rd for scratchboard

Shelby Millburg - Honorable Mention in scratchboard

Kyla Bullington - Honorable Mention in Mixed Media 3D

Kelsey Blackford - 1st for scratchboard